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Jawan Trailer Breaks Records on YouTube India, Becomes Most-Watched Trailer in 24 Hours

The Jawan prevue trailer, released on July 10, 2023, has broken records on YouTube India, becoming the most-watched trailer in 24 hours. The trailer, which features Shah Rukh Khan in a never-before-seen avatar, has garnered over 50 million views and 1 million likes in just one day.

The trailer’s success is a testament to the star power of Shah Rukh Khan, who is one of the most popular actors in India. It is also a sign of the growing popularity of South Indian cinema in the country. The trailer was released in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu, and it has been well-received by fans of all three languages.

The Jawan prevue trailer is a dark and action-packed affair, and it gives fans a glimpse of the kind of role that Shah Rukh Khan will be playing in the film. The trailer also features Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi, who are both popular actors in South India.

The Jawan prevue trailer has been a huge success, and it has set the stage for the film’s release. Jawan is scheduled to be released in theaters on September 7, 2023.

jawan look
In addition to the Jawan prevue trailer, here are some other trailers that have broken records on YouTube India in the past:
  1. Adipurush trailer (2022): 75 million views in 24 hours
  2. KGF Chapter 2 trailer (2022): 55 million views in 24 hours
  3. Radhe Shyam trailer (2022): 45 million views in 24 hours
  4. Pushpa: The Rise trailer (2021): 35 million views in 24 hours

These trailers show that there is a huge appetite for South Indian cinema in India, and that the stars of these films have a massive following. The success of the Jawan prevue trailer is a sign that Shah Rukh Khan is still one of the most popular actors in the country, and that his fans are eagerly awaiting his next film.


The Jawan Prevue trailer featuring Shahrukh Khan has taken the internet by storm, breaking YouTube view records in India. With its powerful blend of entertainment, patriotism, and Shahrukh Khan’s star power, the trailer has struck a chord with viewers, evoking a sense of national pride and excitement. As the view counts continue to soar, the trailer’s success not only highlights the anticipation for the project but also signifies a paradigm shift in how patriotic and armed forces-themed content resonates with the Indian audience.

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